Feast your eyes, Sisters getting back!

A hematologist and a pharmacist are getting back together again. I´m very proud of my “little” sister. She is a specialist of the blood (amongst of many other things) and blood related to me!

Sisters in Action
All you need is blood!

We live 2000 miles away so every time we see each other we really make the most of it. We  always try to make it as proper FEAST TIME.  She is 8 years younger than me, so sometimes it hasn´t been easy for us.

I hope one day we could live closer so we can share our professional thoughts looking at each other´s eyes. In the meantime, we will be making the most of our time by talking in a way that only THE TWO OF US CAN understand.

Sister chilling out
Sleeping beauty…


For this… I just need to say… HAVE A FEAST ONE SISTER!

Oysters Sisterhood


apothemary advice


7 thoughts on “Feast your eyes, Sisters getting back!

  1. Reading about family, i guess nobody loves you as your parents, and nobody understand you as your sibling. Cherries, oysters and beauty in just one post!

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  2. Yes sisters are the best. Mine is the polar opposite of me,but we gel when together. I live in OZ she lives in the UK. thanks to social media we can keep in touch on a regular basis.

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