About apothemary 


Since 2001 I have been working and living as a Pharmacist. I love giving advice according to specific and individual needs. PREVENTION and PHARMACEUTICAL CARE are always on my mind. My goal is to bring this attention to its maximum degree of communication & critical thinking with each one of you.



  • I consider myself  an Apothe-Vigilant… in continuous update!
  • I did my degree, when I established the need that it comes with “just” living… in peace and harmony!
  •  Care is my mission… Time is my gift… YOU my concern & wellbeing. I know I can provide you quality information for  Your OWN decision.
  • 4 Health is never late: you will find many tips and advice on  already known facts, news and updates in an easy language but full professionalism.
  • Remember… When you really need a shortcut,… I am the one!

“Nothing is permanent but CHANGE…”

…it is time to adjust ourselves!