9 “fun-tastic” tips for vacation

Holidays are supposed to be a fun, relaxing way to get away from it all, however, sometimes it does not happen this way.

Have you ever experienced getting sick while you are miles away from home? It is definitely not relaxing. Our vulnerability increases as fast as lighting…. It is funny how sometimes our own toilet seat becomes our precious asset, and the desire to return home starts appearing as a repetitive and unique thought…

                   Most times, a little preparation is all you need to avoid common vacation-related illnesses. The following are some tips that can make your trip enjoyable.

  1. Avoid Pain: Sleeping in odd positions during travel or while resting, carrying heavy luggage or overexerting yourself at play can cause pain. If you need to take painkillers, remember to read the instructions leaflet or seek advice on how to take them.
  2. Skin care: When you’re in a different environment it is important considering that your body hasn’t built immunity against. Sometimes a superficial cut or wound can quickly develop into a serious skin infection on holidays. Protect yourself by addressing minor wounds immediately. Clean them first, before using antiseptics! Saline Solution and some sterile gauze pads are basic items in your holiday bag!
%22Building%22 your inmunity
Building Immunity Up
  1. Motion sickness: This is a horrible feeling coming through your tommy that can spoil your whole vacation. Do not let it appear! Be aware of some initial symptoms like yawning, salivation, cold sweats, and nausea. Motion sickness is especially important when you go on a cruise.
  2. Jet Lag: Be sure to get plenty of sleep both before and after your trip. Symptoms of jet lag are coordination problems, irritability, and difficulty with concentration, memory and cognition. After poor diet, lack of sleep is a common cause of a depressed immune system.

    Safe & Smile
    Sun, Sleep & all that…
  3. Sunburn: It can be very easy to forget how much sun you are actually getting. Drinking without waiting to be thirsty, applying sunscreen before going out and moisturizing after solar exposition. An easy way to remember these would be with a simple slogan Water yourself IN & OUT”.
  4. Bug Bites and Stings: Bug bites and stings are a common vacation-related health risk, especially amongst campers, hikers, and fishing enthusiasts. Depending on where you’re traveling, spider bites and wasp stings can cause serious health problems. Prevention is the key. Use repellents and ask the residents!

    Preparing your trip
    Planning and Preparation
  5. Urinary tract issues: Easily picked up on vacation. If you find yourself feeling urinary urgency, frequency, difficulty with urination, and pain during urination, you may have developed a UTI (urinary tract infection). Seek advice if you are in doubt and especially if you experience intense pain or bleeding! Cranberry extract, vitamin C, and probiotics are all natural remedies you can use to treat a sudden urinary tract minor problem.
  6. Upper respiratory tract: A “simple” common cold or a sinus problem can ruin your vacation. At the first sign of a sniffle, load up on vitamin C and drink plenty of fluids. Boost yourself and get some vitamins as well!
  7. Traveller’s diarrhea: Maintain good hygiene and use “safe” water for drinking and brushing teeth. An adequate fluid intake will be a high priority if diarrhea still happens. Commercial rehydration drinks are widely available. Seek advice if this running last for longer than a day plus the night!

DO NOT let any of them to SPOIL YOUR TIME AWAY!

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3 thoughts on “9 “fun-tastic” tips for vacation

  1. Hi, when you plan your trip you never think that any of those can happen, so you don’t really prevent them and apparently they are very common because I’ve had at least 4 of them happening to me. Not nice.

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