Pharmaceutical Care: BALANCE between SCIENCE AND ART

Changes are profound, around the world, in health systems due to an increased demand for services and a growth in public health spending’s. The general population seeks greater wellbeing and an immediate health problem answer.

We need to develop pharmaceutical care in order to prevent and reduce morbidity and mortality caused by drugs.


In general, we must say that the quality of medicines prepared by the pharmaceutical industry today is beyond doubt. Standard operating procedures have been introduced due to legal requirements.

Drugs, which are a therapeutic tool of unquestionable effectiveness, are not without risk. Nowadays, drugs are much more complex and active. They require a further knowledge and management. This additional study time is not often available. It is getting more  and more difficult for a single individual to be able to master all fields regarding pharmacotherapy. Medical doctors need help.

Multidisciplinary collaboration is essential to provide a global and comprehensive health care. Pharmacists can provide help, but major changes are required:

  • Change of pharmacists’ attitude by reinventing their professional practice line.
  • In education´s field:
    • Reviewing the content of programs in pharmacy schools, increasing the development in pharmacotherapy, clinical pharmacy, physiopathology, public health and preventive medicine, pharmacoepidemiology and the knowledge of different health systems.
    • Continuing professional development adjustments by professional schools and associations.
  • Practical training for pharmacy students at hospitals and community environment. An increase on the training for students where they learn to solve cases and communication skills with patients and colleagues.

Pharmaceutical care needs to maintain a balance between scientific knowledge and professional art or sensitivity.

Pharmacists can provide this in a coherent way: “it is essential to have or acquire the necessary scientific knowledge and to keep it updated throughout their professional life”.


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